Happiness, The Deeper Essence of You

Deeper Essence of You

“Do you consider yourself one of the beautiful people? Do you have all the luck, all the money, all the physical attributes, all the opportunities? Or do you wish things were different?”

At times we find ourselves thinking: “oh if only I had this or that, everything would be okay” or “if only I had the right person in my life everything would be different”.

And yet we know deep down that no matter what we have, or who we are presently experiencing in our lives, wishing things to be different won’t make it so. Ultimately, we’re the ones solely responsible for making changes in our lives, and finding that magic formula for happiness.

“When it comes to relationships who we welcome into our lives is, more often than not, driven by impulses that are beyond our conscious awareness. Why we find ourselves attracted to the people we do is something that depends on many factors, and unfortunately, very few of these factors are something we consciously control.”

In regard to the formula for happiness, the statement: “if only I had the right person in my life everything would be different” is an important one. You may have luck, money, good fortune, and yet without the right person to share this with, it’s pretty much worthless. In fact it can take having the right person in your life to instigate luck and good fortune in the first place. Love can be the catalyst to many beautiful things.

A very important consideration, that assists us with the discovery of the happiness formula, is learning the ability to make ourselves aware of how we continue to choose and welcome the wrong people into our lives.

“We humans do have a tendency to mimic the actions and behaviour of who we have chosen to model ourselves on.”

Consider how the adults around you behaved when you were young. Consider what kind of relationships you witnessed, and therefore, how you first learned about how adults interact. Provided we choose to change and advance things can, and will, be very different.

Deeper Essence of You

“As time moves forward, much of what we do becomes unconscious and unthinking, and this includes how we behave within our relationships.”

Spending time on ourselves learning about how we may be unconsciously creating our own difficulties, by welcoming the wrong people into our lives, is the way to break free from old patterns of thought and behaviour.

It’s my belief that we all have something beautiful deep inside us that has nothing to do with luck, good fortune or outward appearance. Once shown how to tap into this resource the magic formula of happiness is complete. With the knowledge of what this beautiful thing is, deep within, wishing becomes obsolete.

For one it’s the uniqueness of us we must get hold of. When we stop fulfilling the things we believe about ourselves, that limit our outlook on life, and our ability to strive forward without wishful thinking, we become what we have been all along – a beautiful and happy person – the deeper essence of you.