Tent of Shelter

That light obliterating the darkness of fear, carrying you away to a brighter, better future, of courage and love.

Bedouin tea party set on oriental style

“It’s okay you can come in, don’t worry about the cushions, they’re there for you to sit on. Do you like my tent?”

Do you like all the swathes of fabric tied up into the roof? Beautiful. What colour would you say that is? Do you like how that gentle breeze moves the fabric? A gentle rustling sound. Can you hear it? And what about these large, beautiful colourful cushions, aren’t they fabulous?

Come in, sit, whatever’s the most comfortable for you. If you’d like to relax I can help you with that. Would you like to relax? That’s right. Just sit in whatever way is most comfortable for you, perhaps with your legs crossed, or lying down, either way is good. You may, or you may not, find it easier to close your eyes now, as we go on a journey together.

Imagine you’re becoming more and more relaxed, not too much, just enough to see that ball of blackness in front of your eyes. Can you see it now? You can see it, now. A ball of blackness in front of your eyes.

total solar eclipse

Think of that ball of blackness as fear. Fear of being alone. That fear that causes you to need; to need to be with those who are not empowering you, not loving you, just needing you. Need and love are two very different things you know. Love has no need.

Think of that black ball of fear as getting smaller now, that’s right, smaller and smaller now. That ball of fear that blocks your vision, keeping you stuck. It’s stopping you from seeing beyond that tiny space around you. A tiny world about you.

“As the fear; as the blackness diminishes, that world, your world, begins to grow. Can you see the light of that knowledge from behind that black ball of fear? The light from behind that ball is growing larger and larger now.”

The ball of fear, is getting smaller and smaller, that black ball of fear. Fear of the cold, fear of the dark, fear of alone, fear of hunger, fear of what others may think. Now, the light is growing bigger and bigger, filling you with confidence, filling you with love. Look how small that ball of fear has become.

So small now that there is no fear of being alone, no fear for those you leave behind; after all they’re welcome in my tent of shelter also. Or do you think they would rather grow that ball of fear, that ball of need?

Imagine a world where there is no one needing anything from you, no one wanting anything from you, just a place of freedom, where you can walk, or run, to that next experience, that next adventure away from all the pain and the suffering of those, who can’t even see the entrance to my tent. My tent of shelter.

As you open your eyes now, hold that light inside your mind; inside your soul; inside your heart. That light obliterating the darkness of fear, carrying you away to a brighter, better future, of courage and love.



You know what? You’re welcome in my tent of shelter whenever you need my friend, you’re welcome.