Be a King never a Pawn

When we all know and understand the importance of this question, there will be no pawns, just the Kings and Queens of love.

king or queen of love

“Would you like to know how? Would you like me to share with you a simple formula for becoming the king and ruler of your domain? It’s so simple, that at first, you may not believe me.”

The rules, or formula, have in fact been given us some years ago, it’s just unfortunate that we’ve forgotten them. So when reminded, it’s as if we already knew, as it seems so damn obvious. It may well seem obvious, and yet it’s important, we never allow the following to escape us again.

Have no fear now. Never fear that which will change your life for the better.

“Now, it starts with knowing your own mind. Trusting your instincts and having the strength to go with them; ¬†allowing them to guide you.”

Secondly, never make the mistake of letting fear be your master. We may make snap decisions that are not properly thought through, and are made simply because it would make life seem easier, and less of a struggle. Life is struggle, yet it’s the periods of rest inbetween, that make the struggle worthwhile. For without the struggle, without the effort, nothing seems worthwhile.

“Those who have, what we may see as blessed, easy lives, often have the biggest struggle of all: gaining sense of purpose. Think of the British royal family, every day, they must have an almighty struggle, with understanding their purpose. Or do they?”

Your purpose is to evolve. To become more than the sum total of your experiences and beliefs. To move beyond fear. To move beyond the tendency toward settling for the easiest rout. To move beyond, limiting, childhood programming and conditioning. Finding the rout that offers you the greatest challenge – believe it or not – will always be the one that brings the greatest pleasure, and the greatest rewards.

Thirdly, gain the ability to take good advice from your elders. This advice may not seem of value when first given, yet time will tell, that those who have experienced their own difficulties are – on the whole – looking to save you from much of the hardships and suffering, they now know and understand, could have been avoided.

“Challenge does not necessarily equal suffering and hardships. Challenge is something that lifts and enlivens.”

And now we come to some further very important understandings. Contentment comes when we fully understand how we fight against it and ourselves. Contentment comes when we understand: all we give, is what we have. Be this anger, fear, hatred or the control of others, we only ever get back from others, that which we give.

So the alternative, and surest way to find contentment, is to only ever give love; this is the challenge; this is the struggle you must endure. We must endure this, find this and understand it, before we can find wholeness.

“Being your true self and becoming a whole person is quest enough when we think about it.”

If all we humans sought, was the goal of becoming the love that we are, our purpose here would be done. Suffering, hardship and pain may continue to be part of life, and yet we’d understand it, to the point of embracing it, in order to find our freedom.


To close, the biggest most precious thing we can all do right now, is to simply love one another. We do this by asking ourselves this one important question: How can I empower my fellow man now? When we all know and understand the importance of this question, there will be no pawns, just the King and Queen of love.