So, What Exactly Was the Plan?

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“There she is, appearing on national television, telling the world how hard it will be now, and how she may as well quit her job, because her benefits are being capped at £23,000 a year.”

Be cautious if you’re instantly feeling like this may be a judgemental rant, because as with most assumptions, you’d be wrong. All, that will be attempted here, is some assistance for future generations by using the above example further.

You see, the lady in question was being interviewed by a journalist on national TV, about the issue of benefit capping, and how it is now being enforced here in the UK. From today, no one will be entitled to claim more than £23,000 per year – outside of London – or £26,000 within.

All well and good you may say, as the intention – of this capping – is to encourage people, who’ve become dependant on the benefits system, to go back to work. The problem now being, as you’ll have noted above, and for reasons not fully explained, the lady in question doesn’t feel able to carry on working.

To add insult to injury, our example is a single mother with eight children (no that’s not a spelling mistake) and as such, benefits are currently something she’s not only dependent on, but her eight children are being kept alive with. And let’s not forget, the elite ruling classes of this country, do need all these children to survive, as a future generation will be needed to do all the hard work, pay their bills and facilitate an opulent lifestyle. Perhaps I’m joking with that last sentence, you decide.

Now, our journalist made the point that £23,000 is more money than many people survive on who work – and as a mother – she had decided to have eight children. A fair point, and the lady in question responded by saying: “yes, but I didn’t plan on being alone.” If I was interviewing this unfortunate lady, my response would be: ‘are you sure about that?’

A beneficial understanding of the human mind – is to know – that at a level our example wasn’t consciously aware of, she did actually plan, to be alone with eight children. An unconscious plan to prove her generalised, negative beliefs about men and women, will have been the driver of this plan. She may well believe this:

Men are:

users, bastards, deserters.

Women are:

used, lonely, afraid

These negative beliefs, or similar, are generalised in the unconscious mind, and will have been in operation at varying points during her relationships. Indeed, whenever a man left her, they would most certainly have become conscious, but if for a short time only.

So back on point, it’s not our single mother, with her eight children, who’s to blame here. Neither is it the hack-journalist – using her as an extreme example, for the purposes of teaching guilt, so the elite may retain power over her – no, it’s the fault of our failing education system.

If we could turn back time, one thing we could do, is this: We could take hold of our future single mother, as a teenage child, and gently point out some facts of life, that certain people would prefer she didn’t come to understand. These facts of life go like this:

“So far, during your time here on earth, you will have been taught some conflicting beliefs. Within these belief systems there will be positive beliefs and negative ones – you only need consider your physics classes for a moment, to understand the need for positives and negatives in the universe.

Now, when it comes to relationships, you may well hold the belief that men will love you, yet how they love you and what love is, may  be incorrect. You may believe they love you when they take you to bed. This is incorrect.”

You may also believe that because men are deserters, users and bastards, that having babies, is the solution to keeping them home, this is also incorrect.

If you would like a healthy, loving relationship in the future, where the man respects and empowers you, be cautious about how you behave now, as this will determine the type of man you welcome into your life in the future.”

If you’re a woman reading this, and you’re very fortunate, you’ll hold the beliefs – and they will be the predominant unconscious beliefs – that love is empowerment and that men love you when they look to teach you this, and build your sense of individuality in the process. The result being a wonderful, if not beautiful relationship – or relationships, as nothing lasts forever.


Once courageous enough, we’ll all be able to empower our children in this way. Remember, there is no one to blame here, except a system built for control. Only when we have the strength to shine light, on the shadows of ignorance, will we set people free – all people.

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