Your Greatness – Their Greatness

Have you ever engaged with someone at a level you’ve never experienced before?

Have you ever had the feeling you have someone’s absolute, full and complete attention? Have you ever had the feeling that someone understands you so well, that it’s almost as if they’re inside your mind?

This, is the power of analysis conducted by well trained, knowledgeable therapists. Not only that, when you add the power of modern psychotherapeutic techniques, and specifically GOLD Counselling (Analytical and Creative Transformation), you have a formula that encourages change.

Clearing the way, for our clients to get all they want from life, is the aim of the committed therapist. Deep within the psyche of all, resides the power to succeed or the power to fail. That’s right, failure takes energy of mind, easily equal to that required, for success.

‘Whatever I believe my mind always achieves for me either in reality or with my imagination as fantasy’ – GOLD Counselling

Required, for gentle insight into where our beliefs were learned, is the induction of a light trance, or relaxed state of mind. Simply listening to music can do this for the average person, due to our ability to focus attention. We’re then asking our clients to focus on some specific instructions; this alone can be sufficient to focus the mind.

Once focused we’re able to access and recall specific moments from our past that directly – or indirectly – link to the sensitising incidents where we learned our beliefs. Judicious questioning reveals startling insight into how, why and from whom we learned what we believe about ourselves, and the world about us.

Make no mistake, clearing the way, by removing limiting and negative beliefs from our minds, is only the first step, however, if we’d never taken our first steps, we’d have never learned to walk.

Imagine walking through life as if it were a minefield. Blindly stepping one way or the other simply hoping intuition, or trusting the map we’ve been shown, will correctly direct us to finding what it is we want (a clear path). This, is what we all do, to a greater or lesser degree.

The map is the territory and this map was shown and explained to us by our childhood cartographers. How can we be sure they got it right?

Removing any doubt, that we may be heading blindly in the wrong direction – expending valuable energy – simply because we know nothing, other than what our childhood cartographers taught us, is how we positively place ourselves on the correct path.

By giving clients valuable and elusive insight into their own minds we give them a powerful head start. By giving them the information, missing from the original map, they’re effectively given the sight necessary, to see the buried land mines of failure.

There is a map in existence that clearly states: you will only ever have what you give. Your greatness, becomes their greatness as you begin to see clearly the map of misdirection laid out before you. A map that has been directing you, to use your time and energy, headed in the wrong direction.