Entitlement and the Fantasy Reality Crossover


Is your back broken? Do you have pain in your body? Have you been working hard? Are you exhausted? Do you feel entitled to a comfortable time now? Do you feel like it’s your time now, to get all you want?

If the answer is yes to all, or the majority of these questions, then it sounds as if it’s time to step into reality.

The reality is you’re now entitled my friend. You’ve climbed that mountain, you’ve carried that cross, you’ve broken your back for me.

In a little while I’m going to tell you how to claim your prize. And what a prize it’ll be. Pleasures like you’ve never dreamed. Such ease and delight, you’ll think you’re in heaven. All you need do is one more thing, yep, just one more task and all you’ve ever dreamed of, and more, will be yours.

And what is it you’re dreaming of my love? What are your dreams? Do you dream of lazy days, perhaps sitting in a comfortable rocking chair, placed on the wooden decking of a boathouse? Before you is a beautiful sunny day, not too hot not too cool, just right.

“You can see the beautiful blue lake, and at the end of the jetty, is a little boat, bobbing on the gentle ripples of the water.”

You’re drinking lemonade and there with you is a kindly old man; he’s smoking a pipe. The smoke from his pipe curls up in beautiful, colourful swirls, and the smell is most alluring.

You have questions, and the old man is listening. He can tell you anything you need to know. What are you going to ask him? Would you ask him if there’s life after death perhaps? Would you ask him if there’s a life free from pain, hardship, injustice, tears and torture? Is there any entitlement? He may well tell you “no” and only explain about hell.

He would tell you: “it could all be so much worse than it currently is my love. A whole lot worse in fact.” You’re thinking you’ve caught him out, because – ‘if there’s a hell, then surely there must be a heaven, right?’

He says: “the life beyond this dream, your currently in, is your heaven my friend. And are you facing the reality of your responsibility to this place; this heaven?

Because you know real pain, you can taste real pleasure now. It’s time you woke and stopped creating the reality of hell. You have the reality of heaven right here. Of course you cannot dream of heaven without the nightmares too. Looking to avoid the pain is only delaying the inevitable. You must wake from the nightmare you’re creating by staying mostly asleep; and the final task? Wake up”

With the power of this information, you awaken, anew, refreshed and somehow empowered; breathing in the day. Knowing that the dream is over, the nightmares too, place your feet firmly on the ground. Climb from your bed to begin a new day.

There is entitlement here, just not too much; you’ve been provided for. Are you ready to claim your prize? It’s right before your eyes.